Ghee or Clarified butter

by - November 09, 2010

Ghee is clarified butter with pure butterfat & doesnt contain milk solids and water and gives a rich nutty taste. It is traditionally used in indian cusine. In India I used to prepare Ghee from whole milk, but after coming to US, Milk availabe here doesnt give thick cream when heated and Ghee availabe in  indian stores is very expensive. After searching in internet, I decided to make ghee at home by using unsalted butter.
         It is better than store bought & much cheaper, I usually buy the 4 pack( each - 1pound) Member's mark unsalted butter from Sams club.


Unsalted butter - 4 pound ( you can try with 1pound)


1 pound unsalted butter = 1 1/2cups of Ghee or Clarified butter.

  • Take a clean & dry, deep  heavy bottom stainless steel pan.
  • Place a unsalted  butter in a pan, allow it to melt in a medium heat. ( if you are using 1 pound unsalted butter then melt it in low heat)
  • Bring the melted butter to boil, at this stage butter will form foam & splutter due to water contant in the butter.
  • Continue Boiling butter in same heat & do not cover the pan.
  • Keep stirring to avoid burning at the bottom.
  • Remove the foam (if you are using large quantity of unsalted butter ) or allow it to boil untill liquid become golden transparent colour.

  • Once there is a golden brown layer at the bottom, turn off the stove.
  • Transfer the pan to other place & allow it to cool.
  • Drain the ghee by using fine mesh skimmer or by tea strainer in to another pan to remove foam.
  • Store it in a dry jar or a container.

Note: Ghee has longer shelf life & withstand high smoke point.

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