Coconut Burfi - Microwave version

by - January 25, 2011

Coconut burfi is a old traditional sweets with less ingredients which has snow white appearance and melt softly in mouth. Usually My Mom used to make this burfi on stovetop, I followed the same. while browsing Prema's Thaligai page, I found easiest way in making coconut burfi where beginners too wont go wrong. Thanks Prema for this lovely recipe.


Coconut Flakes - 2 cups( Fresh or dessicated one, I used dessicated one)
Sugar - 1 1/2cups
water -3/4 cup
Rava - 2tbsp
Ghee - 2 tbsp
Cardamom powder - 1tsp
Salt - A pinch
Saffron - few (optional)


If you are using fresh coconut flakes, Microwave it for 2 ~3minutes to dry it completely & make sure to scrap white portion of the coconut.

  • Take Microwave safe bowl & add sugar, water and mix it.
  • Keep this mixture in microwave for 10 minutes on high. Stir in between to bring sugar syrup into string consistency. ( First I kept it for 4 minutes & then for 3 minutes and again for 3 minutes & perfectly got the desired consistency.)
  • Add coconut flakes,  Rava, Ghee, Cardamom powder & salt to the syrup and mixwell.
  • Keep this mixture again in microwave for 2 minutes & stir in between. ( After 2 minutes, I felt my Burfi mixture is liquid, so I add extra Rava & microwave it for another 3 minutes.)
  • Mean while greas a plate, & pour the coconut burfi mixture to it & spread it into equal thickeness.
  • Allow it to cool & cut it into desired shape.
  • Take it out without breaking the burfi & store it in air tight container.

Sending this recipe to Aipi & Priya's  "Bookmarked events"

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  1. terrific effort and my favourite....
    Tomo will prepare it after sending rohith to school.

  2. Looks so simple... I should try this. Thank you for this delicious recipe.

  3. 1st time here..yummy recipe collection.
    Glad to follow you.Burfi looks yummy and delicious...

  4. that looks so fluffy like snow :)
    hey thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and ur encouragement :)

  5. Thanks dear for trying and ur lovely words!Its comes out perfect and the colour is too gud than me:)

    Enjoy Blogging!!!

  6. Wow, this looks heavenly..soft n pretty!
    Thanks a lot for linking this to bookmark event :)

    US Masala

  7. Terrific!!!now i am gonna try this dear.

  8. the white colour of burffi sound delicios and easy to make

  9. Yummy coconut burfis and sounds very simple too.

  10. the burfi looks perfect with that heavenly white color...

  11. microwave vesion of this burfi is looking really good. Making me hungry

    Cook Healthy

  12. Hi Saras!

    First of all, thanks for dropping by my blog; soo nice to "see" new faces!

    I have also made a sweet with coconut and butter, but I baked it. It was soooo good, but I bet yours is better :D

    Can you please explain to me what rava is?

  13. I do this often whenever i crave something for sweets, looks awesome;.

  14. Looks divine,superb coconut burfi.

  15. Wow yummy coconut of my fav.:)

  16. wow...wanna try soon...haven t tried microwave version your delicious recipe..
    Tasty appetite

  17. Haven't tried microwave version and soon will be making this when my taste buds r ok..

  18. omg... i love burfi! ive never thought to make it though. I usually have it at the indian buffet. thx for the recipe!

  19. Excited to see a microwave version (aka quick) of coconut burfi! This is one of the first successful sweets I made as a teenager (but traditional method on stove). Thanks for sharing!


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