Dish In 30 minutes Event Announcement ~ Giveaway

by - November 01, 2012

Dish In 30 minutes Event Announcement ~ Giveaway
                         In our busy life who would hesitate to learn a dish which can be made in 30 minutes.  Especially the weekdays with kids going school and spouse to work making breakfast and lunch pack is the most challenging task for any individual.  So I came up with an idea to host a special event called Dish in 30 minutes.  I am sure we all know some dishes which can be done in few minutes. So why don't we share that with others and I want this event to continue through out the year with different themes every month. Since it is a festival time I selected sweets theme for this month..Every 1st day of each month event starts with new theme and I am glad to inform that this event runs along with giveaway for $20 gift card.

 These Gift cards are location independent and can be used anywhere and it is given by Sarasyummybites and not by any promoters. One participant will be selected every month randomly.

Here the details for the event...
  • Cooking duration of the dish do not exceed not more than 30 minutes.
  • Every entries must have exact duration time and no of serving information. 
  • Vegetarian entries are only  allowed as it is the festival season.
  • The event starts at 1st of every month and runs for 4 weeks.                                           
  •  Multiple entries are allowed. Maximum one archived entries are permitted and they should be reposed.
  • Link your post along with the logo back to this page which is mandatory.
  • I will post the roundup and announce winner within one week after the event gets over.
  • Use linky tool to enter your recipes..
  • Non blogger can also participate by sending your entries to with subject as "Dish in 30 minutes" with following information.
Your name
Recipe Name
Recipe duration and
no of serving along with Pictures ( resized to 300 px please)
To participate in giveaway..please note the following rules.
  • Send me your dish according to the theme.
  • Follow this blog and kindly leave a comment with your name.
  • Follow me in face book( face book follow button to the right) and leave a comment with your name  
Hope to see all your entries to blast this season and kindly use linky tool to link your recipes..

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  1. Nice event , will send my entries

  2. Super event :) happy hosting :) can I post baking recipes ?

  3. Wonderful theme,Happy hosting..Will send my entries.

  4. Lovely event Sara!
    Meena Thennaapan

  5. Following you on this blog,and twitter

  6. First time here...Lovely event and love to participate...Happy to follow you...Blog name - Priya Satheesh and FB name - Rekha Satheesh

  7. Shall i link my poha n Roasted gram balls, which i had posted yest????

  8. Wow! Nice event, suitable for this festive season.Try to link recipes soon..

  9. Thanks sara,
    No worries, to be honest I didn't notice :)
    will send you my entry for sweet :)

  10. Congrats n good luck on ur event.Will def try to send in my entries..

  11. Congrats n good luckon ur event. Will def try to send in my entries..

  12. happy hosting... have just linked one entry... will link more soon...

  13. nice event.. have sent a few of my entries!!!

    Ongoing Event - CWF - Whole Wheat Flour

  14. following you gfc - sharanya
    fb - sharanya palanisshami

  15. GFc - babitha joe
    FB- babitha antony costa

  16. Nice event for Diwali season :) I have submitted my entry for your contest.Please keep up the good work Saras !!

  17. Nice event....i have linked few of my entry...

  18. I really liked your blog post. I wish that you are posting consistently, Very much thanks.
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