Falooda / Faluda

by - September 08, 2013


       Falooda is the king of  ice cream, Which is introduced by  Mughal Empire to India. I have shared the traditional method which has rose syrup, rabri, noodles, bails seeds, jelly,  fruits, nuts and ice cream and you can find this falooda in most of the restaurants in India with the same texture and taste. If you want to make instand falooda, then you can use rose milk instead of rabri but addition of rabri always give unique taste to your falooda. This can be prepared ahead for any parties, get together and can be topped with ice cream while serving.  
    This winning recipe is for this month SNC challenge which is started by Divya Pramil and challenged by Minnie of  thelady8home.com to South team and sharing the same for Blogging Marathon 32 ~ ABC Series.

Preparation time: 20 ~ 30 minutes, including layering falooda
Soaking time: 1 hour
Cooking time: 1 hour, for both rabri and noodles
Chilling time: 1 ~ 2 hours or until use
Serves: 2 tall glass as shown in pictures

2~ 3 tbsp tukmaria/basil seeds
2 cups ice cream of your choice( I used vanilla ice cream)
4 tbsp of chopped mixed fruits like apple, pomegranate, banana, grapes etc or as required (optional)
4 tbsp jelly, cut into bite size pieces or as required (optional)

For Rabri
2 cups whole milk  
1/4 tsp saffron 
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp rose water

For Noodles
1 handful of whole falooda noodles
2 cups of water + 1 cup ice water

For Garnishing:
Nuts of your chioce like almond, pistachios, cashews etc

For Basil seeds


1. Soak tukmaria seeds in 1/2 cup of water till they are plump or for an hour. This can be done in advance and store it in refrigerate for a week.

For Rabri and Falooda Noodles


2. Heat milk in heavy bottom pan at medium heat.
3. Add saffron, when milk starts to boil. Stir continuously. 
4. Meantime boil water, add falooda noodles and turn of the heat. After 5 minutes drain the water and transfer the noodles to ice water. Let it be in chill water for 2 minutes and drain the water completely and keep it aside until use.


5. When milk reduces to 1/2 of it original quantity, add cooked noodles. Mix and continue cooking for another 5 ~ 7 minutes. Turn off the heat and transfer it to another container. Allow it to cool to room temperature. Add rose water before refrigerating or refrigerate for minimum an hour.  

Layering falooda


6.In a tall glass, add 1/2 tsp of rose milk syrup.
  then add chopped fruits and rabri noodles continued by basil seeds. Then add chopped jello with some nuts, again continue by noodles and basil seeds until you reach 3/4 height of the tall glass.
7. Scoop in any ice cream to top of the glass.
8. Drizzle some rose milk syrup and top it with nuts of your choice and enjoy..

( I used green food colour to half of my rabri to get green noodles)

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