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by - July 30, 2014


            After a long vacation break, I am here again to share my experience with a Eastern Spice Company.. Before that I must thank my friends and readers who mailed me in person to ask about my silence in my blogging..

                Few months ago, Eastern Spicy company contacted me to review their product and they had send me two samples  Veggie Stir Fry and Chicken curry Masala.. I prepared 2 recipes from their webpage with their samples.  One is Aloo Subzi and another one is Tamatur Murghi.. Both were delicious. The recipe they have listed in their website is foolproof one.  

Click HERE for the recipe
             You can  use eastern spice blends in your own  recipe or you can blindly follow the recipe which they have shared in their webpage to get the feel and taste of authentic Indian food.  Step by step pictorial along with the recipe in their webpage is easier to follow.  Even people who doesn't have previous cooking experience can also prepare exotic dishes with their recipes and masalas.    

Click  HERE for the recipe
          Eastern  Spicy Company is a family company from Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA.  Two Brothers Zainul & Paul join their hands with their Mom to make Eastern Cooking easier in Western Kitchen.  Their pre blend spices are perfect to make authentic Indian food with out compromising it original taste and flavour.  

           Currently they are offering four spices blends Indian Chicken Curry (Tamatur Murghi), Indian Tangy Curry ( Vindaloo Masala), Indian Coconut Curry ( Kaari Chawal),  Indian Vegetable Stir Fry( Aloo subji) for $4 each tin. Which I must say its worth the money and definitely makes a lovely gifts to our loved ones..

          Eatern Spice Company uses fresh and natural ingredients in their masala which grantee you fresh homemade masala. I am rating this ready to go mix  as 4 out of 5 in spicy level and 5 out of 5 in flavour and freshness.  

          Try this Spice blend and share you experience with us.. You can order your masalas with free shipping at  hhttp://www.easternspicecompany.com/store/ or Contact them for any queries at  http://www.easternspicecompany.com/contact/.  

Enjoy your Cooking with Eastern Spices co..  :) :)

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  1. nice review saras.looking so yummy

  2. I discovered you while you were on break, nice to 'meet' you now :-) Great spices and the dishes look so amazing.


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